The Lie That Binds by Amy Argent – Review by Alexandria Richard

The Lie That BindsThe Lie That Binds by Amy Argent
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A New Adult novel that tackles a tough subject with heart.

Would recommend for upper teens as there is explicit sex scenes and internal monologue about it.

A bit of an enemies to lovers/opposites attract going on here. The main topic though is what will someone do to keep their secrets and encourage others to do so as well.

I enjoyed the relationship between Holly and Nathan. The gradual build up and the opposites attract. While I could see what was coming I enjoyed the ride to seeing them get together and the obstacles they faced to be and stay together, both within and external to their relationship.

This novel is about underage young adults, so I think the high school environment led to more tension but also showed the strain of keeping secrets from people you see almost every day and how that can wear on a person.

Loved the supporting cast of friends, Lucy (the goth who holds a spot in my heart now), Megan, Ryan, and Evan. And of course Holly’s dad and Nathan’s parents. Holly’s dad reminds me a bit of Charlie Swan from Twilight and I’m here for that.

Think many who read and enjoyed the After series will enjoy this one.

CW: attempted sexual assault, “locker room” talk about women, epilepsy, panic attacks, explicit sexual content, underage drinking, underage sex, prescription drug use

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