A Quirk of Destiny (Quirk of Destiny Book 1) by Catherine Greenall – Review by Callie LaMarche

A Quirk of Destiny: Ignoramus et IgnorabimusA Quirk of Destiny: Ignoramus et Ignorabimus by Catherine Greenall
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A Quick of Destiny was a bone chilling tale about what can happen if GM food products had disastrous effects on the majority of the population. The book starts off slow in the beginning but it provides a good platform for the main characters. When the disaster strikes is when the story truly takes off and sends Calum and the people around him into a journey of survival. Imagine a world where anyone that has eaten GM effected food products such as meat, dairy turns into a crazy person with no rational thought. That is the world that the majority of the book takes place in. Calum and his friends are put into varies dangerous and exciting situations that they must escape themselves out of into this new world.

Catherine Greenall was able to bring up the issues in our current food predicament in a truly engaging way. It’s a good start on informing people to change their ways by being more green and the dangers of eating GM food.

My main complaint is when the location and/or the point of view switched without a break on paragraphs. Eventually I was able to figure our where the characters were. The only other thing is there are a lot of characters towards the end that weren’t introduced besides their names.

Overall I found the book engaging and thought provoking.

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