Kara, Shieldmaiden of Eire (Forerunner Series Book 4) by Jay Veloso Batista – Review by Kerry Carr

Kara Shieldmaiden of Eire (Forerunner book 4)Kara Shieldmaiden of Eire by Jay Veloso Batista
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the fourth book in the Forerunner Series. I have loved all these stories from the beginning. They are packed full of action and adventure and the characters are so well written that you feel like you are viewing their lives as it happens. The books are aimed at young adults, however I have found them all enjoyable. I do recommend reading the series from the beginning as some characters from past books make appearances and it give the characters more depth when you know what they have gone through to get to where we find them. The stories are historical fiction and the authors attention to detail and research of the times is what really brings the stories to life for me.

This story mainly focuses around Kara. She is an amazingly strong and determined woman. In a time where women were meant to just marry and be happy Kara set out to destroy that notion from the beginning. After fleeing an arranged marriage she tries her hand by trying for the Dublin guard. When she proves her worth on the battle field to be as good as any man her life seems set on the course she wants. But things aren’t that simple, with battles looming, confusing feelings and her family in danger will Kara be able to keep all the plates spinning or will her dreams crash around her?

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