Ouroboros (Antipodes Book 3) by T.S. Simons

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Ouroboros (Antipodes Book 3) by T.S. Simons
Genre – Dystopian, Romance
Page Count – 389
Cover Designer – 4 Horsemen Publications

Some cultures say the ouroboros symbolizes infinity. Others claim the snake or dragon depicted eating its own tail represents the cyclic nature of life and death. But just as Cam Mackintosh and Freyja Jorgensen’s lives are experiencing their own rebirth, their sustainable community is threatened. The ex-lovers are unexpectedly thrust together again to defend those they care about.

In the third installment of this romantic dystopian series, friendships are tested when the survivors finally learn the horrifying truth about why they were chosen. Facing a diabolical plot that makes them question everything they value–will their relationship survive? Or will Cam and Freyja find themselves repeating the same mistakes?


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T.S. Simons is an Australian-based author of Scottish heritage. Living in the alpine region of Australia, she believes in the values of sustainability and community in a world where we place greater value on possessions than people. She enjoys posing philosophical questions that make readers think, and reflect on the world we live in. The Antipodes series addresses the question—if we gave young people the opportunity to start over, would we replicate the mistakes of the past?

Her desire to assist others saw her working in international development before realising that her passion lay in education. She holds Bachelor and Masters degrees from Monash University and enjoys reading, travelling, mythology, snow skiing, and attempting to live as sustainably as possible. She is owned by two, rather bossy, standard schnauzers and two rescue cats who co-manage her household.

The Antipodes series comprises Antipodes, The Liminal Space, Ouroboros, Caim and Sessrumnir. She is developing a related series, The 45th Parallel, which extends on the Antipodes series. This series comprises The 45th Parallel, Orenda and Bifrost.

Author Interview with T.S. Simons



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