Master Calabrea (Masters of the Consulate Book 6) by Sylvia Black – Review by Tara Johnson Barnes

Master Calabrea: Dark Vampire Romance (Masters of the Consulate Book 6)Master Calabrea: Dark Vampire Romance by Sylvia Black
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Master Calabrea is Book 6 in the Masters of the Consulate series. Master Calabrea is a vampire with the Consulate who has been given the task of hunting down Isala, an enemy of the vampire community. Embry’s cousin, Tansia, has come for a visit and to help her out. Tansia’s arrival has an unexpected effect on Calabrea, who acts indifferent to her but feels the opposite. He has no time nor need for a mate, let alone a human one so he chooses to ignore his feelings. Tansia has no luck at all with relationships and has a terrible track record, so she has no desire to try again, especially with a vampire who clearly hates her.

Time is running out to capture Isala, so Tansia and Calabrea are teamed up and told to remain together at all times. Tansia feels this is an impossible task because Calabrea cannot stand her. She could not be more wrong. Tansia has an unexplained effect on Calabrea, and this sets a chain of events into motion between Tansia and Calabrea that neither expected.

This book could possibly be read as a standalone, but it is probably better to read the series from the beginning. Sadly, I have not read the first books in the series so I feel as though I may have missed something. This book was fast paced from the beginning with wonderful characters and a great storyline. The attraction between Calabrea and Tansia is sizzling and undeniable. The hunt for Isala is fraught with tension and danger as they try to capture her before time runs out. I enjoyed this book and know that I will be reading this series from the beginning.

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