Ritual Obsession (Blood Obsession #1) by R.L. Dunn-Review by Amanda Kimble

Ritual Obsession (Blood Obsession Book 1)Ritual Obsession by R.L. Dunn
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5/5 Stars

Ritual Obsession (Blood Obsession #1) by R.L. Dunn

This is another fantastic read by the author. This is the first book in a new series. Ritual Obsession is a fantastic read and I can’t wait for more. This is the first book in the Blood Obsession Series.

Bobbi is new to the team and has to make an impression on her partner. She impresses her so now she should be good. Right? Well not really. Now there’s someone out there killing girls that look like her. The quote I chose for Bobbi is: “I also bet there are a lot of things I have to learn. I’m looking forward to new experiences.”

Max is a police vet and has been with the station for 15 years. He notices Bobbi on her first day and can’t seem to get her off his mind. The problem is there is now someone killing girls. What makes matters worse is she doesn’t listen to him. The quote I chose for Max is: “Bobbi, I’m sorry. Look, about three years ago, I ended a serious relationship. We were engaged. Carole was very special to me. Friday night when I got home from the bar with Dave, there was a message from her on my machine. She’s back in town. Carole called me early yesterday and asked me to come over for lunch. I went to her apartment for lunch, and a lot of old emotions came to the surface. I thought she was the only person in the whole world for me. Our relationship ended badly. There were a lot of accusations and unkind words, and we never really ended it. We’d both made mistakes. When I saw her again, I realized she was my past. I went and sat on the beach to contemplate my future.”

Highly recommended for Romantic Suspense lovers.

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