Chevalier (War Horses Book 1) by Scott Warren

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Chevalier (War Horses Book 1) by Scott Warren
Genre – Sci-Fi, Action
Page Count – 270
Cover Designer – Scott Warren

‘Life as a tank mechanic won’t make you famous, but at least no one shoots at you.

That’s what veteran maintainer Rande ‘Vandal’ VanDelle of the Chevaliers Private Calvary thought. Until, during a routine maintenance patrol, he found himself fighting for his life inside the company‘s oldest upright tank.

Bruised, battered, and barely standing, Vandal soon returns to the cockpit to bolster the ranks of a desperate defense force. As he and his fellow Chevaliers attempt to hold back the flood of turncoats, spearheaded by a legendary cadre of off-world mercenaries, Vandal must learn to master the fickle and deadly upright tanks if he wants to live to see the next contract.’


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Scott Warren has been a submariner, a helicopter pilot, an international instructor, and a writer. He now lives in Maryland with his wife and their two cats, Lady and Darling. While his day job takes him around the world, sometimes in the most austere of conditions, he’s never far from a manuscript in progress.

An independent author, Scott is best known for his flagship Science Fiction series: The Union Earth Privateers, which details the missions of Victoria Marin and the crew of the Condor in an overcrowded and daunting galaxy. His narrative style is tight, efficient, witty, and gripping. Scott is also building a reputation as a compelling noblebright fantasy author. He introduces modern concepts to classic settings to subvert common tropes with what ifs that delight and entertain readers while paying homage to the authors that inspired him.

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