Felines and Fatalities: (A Kitty Beret Cafe Mystery, Book 2) by Ruth J Hartman Review by Roxsanne Lesieur.

Felines and Fatalities (A Kitty Beret Cafe Mystery, Book 2)Felines and Fatalities by Ruth J. Hartman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ellie and Templeton are back and this time, as well as running the Kitty Beret Café and her costume business, Ellie has a new cat come in looking for a home, but it is a sad case as the owner has died and it is one of her regular customers. It turns out that her dying wish was for Ellie to run a cat show for rescued cats, Ellie thinks it’s a great idea, but is not sure how she will find the time or the money to do it. Fortunately for Ellie, the older lady has donated funds so that she can do it and so Ellie goes ahead and finds a venue and people to judge the entries.

On the morning of the cat show, Ellie is ready to get all the café’s residents ready for their show, this part goes smoothly, but that is the only thing which does. As soon as Ellie enters the building, the let parents descend with demand and complains, with some compliments and thanks sprinkled in, so as she is heading to start her list, she goes into a storeroom, unfortunately she isn’t the only one in there, she finds one of the judges murdered and gets locked in with him.

The janitor comes round and finds her thanks to a raging Templeton and let’s her out, calling the police at the same time, so Detective Dare and his partner show up, but declare that the show can go on as long as the storeroom remains out of bounds. This makes everyone a little bit happier, but the demanding pet parents continue to wreak havoc. As the judging continues, Templeton starts doing his usual thing and brings clues to Ellie, but will they find who the culprit is before anyone else gets hurt? This is another cozy mystery full of felines capers and crazy cat people which will keep everyone reading throughout.

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