Necrosis by C.L. Schneider-Review by Amanda Kimble

NecrosisNecrosis by C.L. Schneider
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5/5 Stars

Necrosis by C.L. Schneider

Another fantastic read by the author. Schneider knows how to keep readers entertained. Necrosis was a great read. If you like horror then you’ll love this book.

Amy is a single mother and everyone is being infected. This disease turns you into pretty much a zombie. Her daughter had to watch her grandmother kill someone. Can Amy get her daughter to safety before it’s too late? The quote I chose for Amy is: “I suppose. But not all kids are my kid. You’ve learned how to take care of yourself in ways I never had to at your age. You know how to make a fire and a shelter. How to bandage a wound and find food. You know when to run and when to hide. And you learned how to listen. Sometimes. Most importantly, you’ve learned how to think on your feet. It’s an instinct that will help you survive. You know that’s what’s most important to me, right? Your survival. No matter what it takes.”

Highly recommended for Horror lovers.

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