The Girl Who Escaped by Mark Nolan – Review by Tori Werkheiser

The Girl Who EscapedThe Girl Who Escaped by Mark Nolan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This story is kind of like a Final Girl but she gets justice by helping to find the suspect. This was intriguing in so many ways and I absolutely loved the dog in this story, it made it so much better. I did find this a little cheesy and unrealistic at times but I was invested the entire time. Angie was a badass in the beginning and then shocked into silence and I was worried she’d never talk again but loved that Cody helped her through that. It was such a unique twist to have a dog be the rescuer in this. There were a few twists and things I absolutely did not see coming so that was fun and overall this was a good story. Just wish Angie didn’t come off so much as a helpless child and there wasn’t so much weird tension that I didn’t understand between Brenda and Jake.

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