Into the Light (Moon Harbor Series Book 3) by Kate McWilliams – Review by M Policicchio

Into the LightInto the Light by Kate McWilliams
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Fantastic story with a few twists that you might not see coming.

Eleanor “Ellie” has been in love with Rafael for over a decade. There have always been barriers to her expressing her feelings for him, Raf is her brother’s best friend, he sees her as a little sister, and they are squarely in the friendzone. Recently Raf has been giving off mixed signals, like the longing looks but at the same time telling her she can’t wear a short skirt. Ellie has had it. She has to move on.

Rafael “Raf” is just a fisherman from the wrong side of the tracks. Despite his love for Ellie, he won’t ever be the kind of man she deserves. Not that her brother, his best friend, would ever let him date her anyway. Raf has loved Ellie as long as he can remember. It is getting harder and harder for him to fight his feelings. When a stranger attempts to take Ellie, Raf decides that he needs to let Ellie know what she means to him, friendship be damned.

When the attempted abduction turns into more, Raf finds himself in an interrogation room scared that Ellie won’t believe he had nothing to do with what is going on. When the ghosts of Raf’s past threaten his future with Ellie, Raf must act, even if it means the end.

Delightful, steamy quick read with enough suspense to keep you guessing.

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