LAB SPILL: A Dark Comedy. Maybe. (THE COOL THING SERIES Book 2) by Robert Rife – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur.

LAB SPILL: A Dark Comedy. Maybe. (THE COOL THING SERIES)LAB SPILL: A Dark Comedy. Maybe. by Robert Rife
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

RL and Jaderay return in the second part of this story, RL still has the breastplate and it is currently locked in a safe, but soon a mysterious explosion breaks it and RL has to move it elsewhere, preferably away from Jaderay and all her praying and shouting about it being the devils handiwork, like she does every time she sees it. Meanwhile, in the depths of the Waydowns, the lower decks of a lost starship, an insane doctor, a bunch of mutants and some crazy pulsating mould are moving through the area and becoming ore unstable and unhinged as time goes on, some still look vaguely human and others do not, but the Coiler in particular is slowly moving away from its isolated area, but the creatures down in the bowels of this ancient and forgotten place all have one thing in common, they all need to kill.

As Jaderay and RL explore a new acquisition, they manage to find their way into the Waydowns and have no idea where they are or how much danger they are in, but will they manage to find their way back out, or will this lab spill take their lives, before the other inhabitants get there first? This is a sci-fi which is full of dark humour and darker environments where things crawl and skitter through the darkness to find their next victim in a tale which will equally make you laugh, despair and grimace throughout, but will have you so intrigued you will just have to finish it.

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