A Crossbow Christmas by Ann Swann – Review by Angela Hayes

A Crossbow ChristmasA Crossbow Christmas by Ann Swann
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4 Stars


A Crossbow Christmas by Ann Swann is a women’s fiction story- a family drama of sorts set around Christmas in the aftermath of the pandemic- makes for an interesting read with a bit of an emotional quality.
Carina, the mc, is such a relatable character, contemplating her life- feeling lonely, and a little melancholy. Her life reflection comes at the stage where her children have all left the nest, her husband and her have been married for so long that she feels they take things for granted. She has always been the one caring for others, but who takes care of her? Who is she if she’s not the caregiver? She’s lost herself in it all along the way and doesn’t know quite how to turn things around. After feeling overlooked and unappreciated, and with those life reflections weighing heavy on her mind- an opportunity to spend Christmas in a mountain cabin in Colorado presents itself- but she really isn’t the adventurous sort and going alone feels very daunting. Will she take a leap and go? What happens when she gets there? Will she ‘discover’ herself again and find new purpose in her life? What of her family? Will she get the Christmas she hopes for?
Emotional and relatable.
Happy reading…

Thank you, Ann Swann!


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