Elemental Fire (The Hidden Realms Book 1) by EG Manetti – Review by Amy Brennan

Elemental Fire (The Hidden Realms #1)Elemental Fire by E.G. Manetti
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This authors writing is worthy of a chef’s kiss. Honestly, I loved the descriptive nature of the writing, the way that I automatically stepped into the role of Sin and really hone her skills as my own so that I could become one with the story and the characters in which she interacts with. From what she does and who she becomes as needed, it’s hard not to fall in love with her character and the feelings and emotions that whirl around. Let’s go, Rad! These two just sizzle and honestly, one of the most chemistry filled connections I’ve read in the last while. I absolutely adored how they both really wanted to go for the gold and protect themselves and their world(s)

Overall, certainly not a novel I would want to miss out on, and likely will reread as more novels in the series are released to get the best overall of their worlds and characters and everything fantastic that this author brought to life. Please don’t dismiss this as another romantic paranormal run of the mill book. Take the time to read it and you’ll be pleased! Highly recommend.

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