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More ThanMore Than by Diane Barnes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book surprised me for several reasons, some good, some bad. This book has a heartwarming story with a fantastic ending. The author is right that it is not the amount of weight you lose when starting a weight loss journey, but about how you feel about yourself during and at the end of the journey. The weight is just a number.

Peggy is fighting more battles than she knows. Fourteen years ago, her husband was tragically taken from her. Luckily, he provided enough for her to be able to stay at home and raise their twins. Now the twins are graduating high school and headed off to college, trying to start their own lives. Peggy has really not paid attention to herself since her husband died. She saw herself as the twins’ mom. Peggy has gained some weight. Peggy has also developed a small obsession with a tv show about a medium that speaks to folks that have passed away. Peggy feels that if she went on the show, she would finally get validation from her husband that she raised their twins right. Peggy’s daughter said that her father would not recognize Peggy from all the weight she has gained. So Peggy’s daughter and son give Peggy an exercise program. Peggy struggles with the decision to go.

Peggy finally goes and meets some new people, developing friendships. This is something Peggy hasn’t had since her husband died and she started identifying herself as “the twins’ mom”. As Peggy learns to manage the new friendships, the changing relationships with her children, the desire to hear from her husband, and life in general, Peggy is gaining more than she is losing.

Although I don’t agree with how the author presents Peggy’s weight, the delightful story about Peggy finding herself is a fantastic read. As a lifelong bonus-sized individual, I have learned that it is not about the number on scale, it is about who you are as a person. I was so happy to read about the picture Peggy’s son texted her, finally getting everything she needed.

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