Murder on Oak Street ( A South Shore Mystery Book 1) by I.M. Foster – Review by Shea Gilkerson

Murder on oak streetMurder on oak street by I. M. Foster
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Daniel O’Halleran is a coroners physician in 1904 New York. He is dissatisfied in his job and feels no one takes him seriously – they’re always rushing his work, hoping to get more cases “solved” by pushing answers through quickly. In the midst of his unhappiness at work, he gets stood up at the altar by his fiancee and decides he has finally been given enough signs – it’s time to move on from here.

Soon, he accepts a coroners assistant position in Long Island for a change. Daniel’s new boss warns him life is much slower in Long Island than in New York, but he’s happy for a new routine and having time to give answers. Before he even gets an opportunity to settle into that new routine, the local librarian suggests Daniel check out a local two year old murder case. In a twist of fate, it turns out to be the first case he had ever worked on and the first one to ever make him feel something was wrong.

Excellent descriptions, characters, suspense, dialogue, and sticking to era appropriate reactions. Wonderfully written, enjoyable historical mystery. Highly recommend!

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