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And Then She Fell by Dreena Collins
Genre – Crime, Women’s Fiction
Page Count – 234
Cover Designer – Dreena Collins

Fall Down Ten Times. Tell the truth once.

From the hand of an award-winning short fiction writer comes a story of motherhood, modern challenges, and a search for the truth.

57-year-old Catherine Keely’s world has been ripped apart by grief.

Independent, insightful, and intelligent – she is also the only person who finds her daughter’s death suspicious. Susie fell from a balcony while on holiday with friends, and one year on, Catherine is determined to unearth the facts about that night. But how well did she truly know Susie, and who – if anyone – can she now trust?

With hints of intrigue, gaslighting, and coercion surfacing, Catherine must be careful, or her own safety could be at stake.

And Then She Fell explores the secrets and lies around Susie’s life through the eyes of a strong and faithful protagonist. With a unique structure, we experience ten scenarios to explain the tragedy as the narrative unfolds. Follow Catherine’s journey as she explores the possible reasons for Susie’s death, and you may find that – just like Catherine – you are unsure exactly what to believe.



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