The Rom Com Movie Club (The Rom Com Movie Club Book 1) by Bernadette Marie – Review by Desiree Ottinger

The Rom Com Movie Club - Book OneThe Rom Com Movie Club – Book One by Bernadette Marie
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Lisa, Mindy, Ruby, and Tina have been friends since college. Although Lisa didn’t actually attend college, she met the other girls while working at the coffee shop the others were at to study. The girls adopted Lisa into their lives, and they became an instant chosen family. Every month they gather together for a Rom Com movie night of food, face masks, and toe nail polish. On Lisa’s night, Lisa meets Tina’s soon to be brother-in-law, Ryan, and is instantly attracted to him. Tina, in the throes of wedding madness, tells Lisa that under no circumstance is she ok with her dating Ryan. While the other girls all try to help even out Tina’s wedding mania, Ryan pursues a relationship with Lisa. Can Lisa find a way to balance her love for Ryan and not get caught up with comparing their love to a Rom Com? Can Tina see that her friend’s happiness is worth more than her feelings?

Wow. What a great first book to a series! Each character was well written and all relatable. The author did a fantastic job of describing anxiety and how it affects those who suffer from it. The girls’ relationships with each other are something that everyone should have. Love that is deep and willing to tell the truth even when it hurts. People in their corner, cheering them on but pulling them back from the crazy ledge. I am really looking forward to reading about the other girls finding love!

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