The Serpent Awakens by Luna Saint Claire – Review by Ashley McMillon

The Serpent AwakensThe Serpent Awakens by Luna Saint Claire
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is my first time reading from this author and I was thoroughly impressed by the twists and turns of Nico’s path in life. Though I did not read book one, I could understand the amount of damage that Nico had done prior to this book. I’m always taken aback by a deep story line that continues to build and build. The author uses this book to try and explain the devilish nature of Nico, and appeal to the empathetic side of us. I was definitely on a complete roller coaster ride witnessing Nico return home and relive his treacherous past! There were so many times during this story that I felt pained by his circumstances, yet it was also completely exhausting. This was an exceptional read!

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