Degrees of Innocence: Dark Mafia Romance (Cruel Deceptions Book 1) By Via Mari – Review by Dr. Anya Schultz

Degrees of Innocence (Prestian Series, #1)Degrees of Innocence by Via Mari
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Well, it is unlike a dark mafia romance that I have read in the past. This story is about a woman named Katrina who is in Aruba for a week-long “business meeting” she is running. She is helping a big wig corporation change the face of hospitals. Her story starts when she is physically saving the life of another customer staying in the hotel. A gentleman, Chase, comes to assist her; we later find out this man owns the hotel and is the enterprise in charge of Katrina’s project. These two have instant chemistry, but she is shocked to find out that he is her present boss. Because of past experiences, she is completely against this, but for some reason just cannot do without him. During her stay, she starts to spend a lot of physical time with Chase and the two produce a bond that neither has experienced before. This bond is strengthened when she is attacked, twice. Katrina learns quickly what it is like to be in a relationship with a wealthy, possessive man.
The story itself has many twists and turns. Many times you never see them coming. This is considered a mafia romance, but for much of the book, you would have no idea that that is the genre. The concept of Chase having ties to the underworld of society is not a storyline for much of the book. Do her past history, his secrets and over-possessiveness build a recipe for disaster? Even though there is a lot happening in the book, it was enjoyable. There is much spice, with a side of erotica. The characters are enjoyable to see grow together. Katrina is a woman figuring out what she sexually likes, while Chase is awakening her senses. The two have great flirtatious ways and playful banter. I am interested to find out what will occur in the rest of the series.

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