Hit on You by Brooke May

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Hit on You by Brooke May
Genre – Dark Romance
Page Count – 290
Cover Designer – Dark Water Covers

Determination has fueled Luke Willaims to be her own woman. Given a man’s name, she’s done her best to prove the world wrong. She doesn’t need anyone and is willing to work her hardest to get what she wants.

One night changes it all and a past she ran away from comes right back with the need to protect her. Luke’s unwilling to accept what is being so easily offered and that includes the temptation in one hot, muscular Russian package.

Can Luke put aside her ideology in order to find happiness at the risk of her own safety?

Nikolai Bazhenov is a man of action with a past that haunts him every time he leaves his home. A made man in his family’s organization, Nikolai runs on little sleep and has little patience.

All of that is tested when it comes to Luke. She’s the one who got away, slipping out into the night thinking she was away from him, but he was always watching. She needs him now and his own determination will go up against hers in order to keep her safe where he has failed in the past.

Will Nikolai be able to keep Luke safe while also reminding her how good they are together?


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Brooke spent a great deal of her childhood and even well into her adulthood in her imagination and creating different stories. With an overactive imagination life has been truly entertaining.

A mother of two wild and reckless boys and a wife; Brooke keeps busy year round doing things with her pups and family. When she isn’t writing, can usually be spotted walking somewhere in town, at the library with her youngest, or up in the mountains four-wheeling, hiking, fishing, and some hunting. A notebook and camera are never far from her side when she is out on her adventures with her family.

She loves hearing from readers and anyone who feels like talking. Feel free to pay her a visit whenever.

Author Interview with Brooke May




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