Lucky Stars by Fantasia Yu

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Lucky Stars by Fantasia Yu
Genre – New Adult, Romance
Page Count – 160

Princess Mora breaks free from the constraints of her royal duties, escaping onto a tour craft led by the charming rebel pilot Darin O’Joy. As they journey across the galaxy, they must evade the pursuit of a persistent bounty hunter, while she grapples with her feelings for Darin, and her true identity kept from him. Will Mora be able to choose true love over her royal obligations?

This exciting romance, set in a fantastical world of princesses, space pirates, and moon planets, is the latest offering from author Fantasia Yu, author of the mermaid fantasy, Echoes: Treasures of the Deep. She is known for her imaginative environments and lovable, quirky characters. Follow along as Mora discovers her own strength and independence, all while falling head over heels for Darin. Inspired by Audrey Hepburn’s Roman Holiday, Lucky Stars is complete with all the heart and romance you could ask for.


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