The True Garza (Red Cage Book 3) by S. Ann Cole – Review by Micalah Weatherholtz

The True Garza (Red Cage Book 3)The True Garza by S. Ann Cole
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Didn’t you know?” “Love is madness.”
Once you start to read True Garza and get into Trueman and Londons story you will be immersed and unable to come up for air until you have devoured every last page. I can attest to feeling that way throughout the 24 hours it took me to read this, I just couldn’t stop! I appreciated the real life struggles that True suffered with because as someone who has also been given a diagnosis of ADHD it can be as debilitating and difficult to control as he describes in this book. It takes so much work all the time, being cognizant of what is expected of you, and to ‘try’ to be normal and not speak as Guy in this book states like “tripping over a bunch of wires.” I liked that this book was spicy but that wasn’t the sole focus, there was plenty to follow and love in the interesting storyline as well. This was a fabulous 5 star read and I loved it and the entire Red Cage series so far!

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