Whispers in the Waters (Blood of the Fae) by Sarah Chilson – Review by Tara Johnson Barnes

Whispers in the WatersWhispers in the Waters by Sarah Chislon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Jessa has been raised within a proper family and has been taught that it is unacceptable to be different. She has been told that proper etiquette is to act timid and always remain ladylike. To silence the whispers that only she can hear Jessa turns to her drawings. As an herbalist she already knows that she is different from her two older sisters who are proper ladies.

When Jessa’s aunt receives a letter from an old friend of hers in another town who needs her help Jessa offers to accompany her aunt. Jessa’s aunt’s friend owns a mill near an Otherworldy Crossing where there is the presence of fae. Someone or something has been sabotaging the mill and it is up to Jessa to figure out who is responsible. To do so she must embrace that part of herself that she has kept hidden and risk being taken away by the vigil.

This book was refreshing, light and mysterious. I loved the element of magic and the special abilities that Jessa had but was forced to keep so well hidden. The character of Jessa was well written and showed the restraints that were placed on women in that time era. As the story evolved Jessa really started to develop as a person and come into her own. A great read that was hard to put down.

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