Chasing Redemption (The Quimby Grove Series Book 2) by Shannon Nikole – Review by Michaela Massie

Chasing Redemption (Quimby Grove #2)Chasing Redemption by Shannon Nikole
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A night of fun with a random stranger on the beach has lead Marley Halligan to a crazy busy life. From that one-night stand, Marley had twins! Now she’s a single mother working as an event planner living in New York City.
After that beautiful night of passion, Max Quinn has been obsessed with finding that spectacular perfect woman from 5 years ago. She was everything he has ever wanted, and he didn’t even get her name. Neither of know anything of each other, so finding her seemed impossible.
Marley goes back to Quimby Grove as the event planner for the wedding of Beckett and Ellawyn, two of Max’s closest friends. At one point, Max looks up and is struck by the impossibility that he is seeing the woman from 5 years ago. He’s sees her, and he’s not willing to let her run off again so easily!
Will their spark be rekindled? How will Max react to finding out he is a father of not just one, but two beautiful children? Why do al these strange things keep happening around Marley when she’s back in Quimby? You have got to read this amazing book to find out!!

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