Sharing His Nanny (Forever Our Girl Book 2) by Tori Chase – Review by Sarah King

Sharing His Nanny (Forever Our Girl, #2)Sharing His Nanny by Tori Chase
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Desperate to make ends meet until she can find a new investor to back her fashion line, Stella does something she really doesn’t want to do. She calls her step mother for another loan and to ask for an extension on the previous one. She ,however, doesn’t get that far before her stepmother is telling her to meet her in Malibu. Not knowing what she was agreeing to but knowing she needs the help Stella meets her. When she gets there she realizes she is at her stepbrother’s vacation home. Stella is surprised when Charles arrives with a surprise of his own, a little girl. Her stepmother informs her this is the job she is needed for… be the nanny for a month while her stepbrother and his two best friends are there on their annual vacation. Not having a choice she agrees, even knowing what the three men use this vacation for every year. I mean how hard can it be for her to hide her crush when they will be busy partying it up. Little does she know the next month will change her life forever in more than one way. She she ready?

This was a well written story with lots of steamy scenes. if you like it hot, I would suggest reading this book. There were a few places the story did not flow as well as I thought they should but it was not overly distracting from the story. I will definitely be going back to read the other book in the series.

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