Grace Under Fire (The Anderson Sisters Book 2) by Jennifer Raines – Review by Tara Johnson Barnes

Grace Under FireGrace Under Fire by Jennifer Raines
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Grace is an Artisan Cheese Maker who is determined to become the fifth generation to live on her family farm. She wants to do it alone because she trusts nobody to help her and is used to relying on herself and doing things on her own. After having recently lost her closest friend to suicide and watching her father get swindled out of land it is important for Grace to keep the family farm going to pass down to farther generations. When she learns that her mom has declining health, she is racing against the clock to come up with money to buy her parents out.

When the bank makes it difficult for her to come up with the money Grace considers selling part of the land to her neighbor Ryan. Ryan’s brother has recently committed suicide and he blames himself for his brother’s death. After years away from his family’s farm, he has only returned with the intention to sell the farm. Ryan finds himself not wanting to become attached to anyone or anything. His only passion in life is to buy a property, flip it, and move on. He surprises himself when he offers to help Grace after someone sabotage’s her purchase. Grace and Ryan both get more out of the deal than they originally bargained for.

Grace and Ryan have undeniable chemistry going on between them but first they both must learn to open their hearts and trust again. Both are headstrong, determined, and used to being independent so learning to lean on each other for help does not come easily. Grace has to first realize that asking for help does not make her a failure and Ryan needs to take down the walls around his heart. Together, they make an amazing couple, and I enjoyed watching their relationship unfold. A great read!

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