Shadow Wolf (Protector Wolf Shifter Series Book 1) by Lilliana Rose – Review by Tara Johnson Barnes

Shadow Wolf (Protector Wolf Shifter Series Book 1)Shadow Wolf by Lilliana Rose
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Tamaska meets Kodiak when she hires him to work as security for an important event that she has put together where a priceless jewel is to be auctioned off. She is immediately attracted to him but refuses to allow herself to feel anything towards him. After all, not only is he staff that has been hired to work the event, but she also does not believe in one-night stands. Kodiak also feels attracted to Tamaska but tries to deny it. Not only is she a human, and he hates all humans, but he must maintain focus on the job he was hired to do.

When the priceless jewel is stolen from under their noses it is up to Kodiak to find it. He knows that it has to be the work of the vampires and sets out to get the jewel back. Tamaska blames Kodiak for the theft and wants nothing to do with him. She is determined to find the jewel and bring it back because she does not want to lose her job or her reputation. What Tamaska is unaware of is that the world she is venturing into is dangerous and that the vampires want to capture her. Kodiak must protect her, but Tamaska refuses his protection because she does not trust him.

Kodiak knows that he is the only one who can protect Tamaska from being killed by the vampires. An event that could wreak destruction and death on the world. He approaches the alpha of his pack and requests his permission but is told that he must not allow himself to be distracted by a human. Kodiak must now choose between his pack and the woman he is finding himself attracted to and feels compelled to protect.

This book was a great read with wonderful characters and a great storyline. It had action, suspense, murder, passion, vampires, wolves, and shapeshifting. I loved the shapeshifting aspect of this book and the love-hate thing that Tamaska and Kodiak had going on between them. It was obvious from the very first look between them that they were equally attracted to one another. Yet, both were allowing their pride to deny them to really act on their feelings. Tamaska is a strong-willed, stubborn, hardworking, and independent woman who is used to doing things on her own. She does not feel that she needs protection and feels that she can do everything on her own. Kodiak is not used to feeling like he should protect anyone, especially a human. He finds Tamaska bossy and pig-headed but still feels drawn to help her. Neither Tamaska nor Kodiak are used to needing another person to rely on and are used to doing things on their own, yet the attraction between them is undeniable.

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