The Authorpreneur Yellowpages by Winnifred Tataw – Review by Jenni Bishop

The Authorpreneur YellowpagesThe Authorpreneur Yellowpages by Winnifred Tataw
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The Authorpreneur Yellowpages is a one stop shop for information on resources available for authors who need help with book and publishing services.
What I like is the community of authors who take their time to put together books like this to help other authors or upcoming authors on their way. I am sure there are many, many writers out there who wished they had something like this to help them out.
Need an editor? It’s in there. Need that one special look to entice readers pick a cover designer. Need someone with marketing services this is where you will find them. Winnifred has taken all that information and more and put it in this directory just to help you.
You never know which one of these services may be the one who will help you to become a best seller.

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