Wild Lavender (Heart & Hand Series Book 1) by Nicole E. Kelleher – Review by Tara Johnson Barnes

Wild Lavender (Heart & Hand, #1)Wild Lavender by Nicole E. Kelleher
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Aubrianne has recently wed Lord Roger in a marriage arranged by her parents. She knows little about this man but feels that in time that she can grow to love him. Aubrianne is determined to make the most of their marriage and be a good wife. However, married life turns out to be anything but bliss and Lord Roger only has coldness in his heart. He turns out to be cruel and is violent not only towards his wife but to his servants and help as well.

Aubrianne is a fighter, and she is determined to not allow Lord Roger to break her. Along with a small group of servants, who have become her closest friends, they set out to find out why Lord Roger is frequently gone for weeks at a time. They suspect treachery and want to stop it before they become implicated in his treacherous acts.

Unbeknownst to them Lord Roger is being investigated by the Royal Guard of Aurelia. Larkin, a member of the Royal Guard, met Aubrianne by chance years earlier and has not been able to stop thinking about her. He is eager to set out on new adventures and investigate the dealings of Lord Roger and see Aubrianne again. However, if she is implicated in Lord Roger’s treacherous acts she will be faced with the same punishment as Lord Roger. Death will the punishment for all those involved.

This book was beautifully written, and it was easy to become immersed in the story as it unfolded. You could feel yourself being swept back in time and see yourself in each scene. You could feel yourself bounce along on the back of the horse and hear the clip clopping of the horse’s hooves as they traveled along on the roads through ancient forests. You could feel the pain Lord Roger inflicted on Aubrianne and doled out to his servants. The characters, whether you loved them or hated them, were wonderful. Aubrianne is a woman to be admired for her strength and courage to get through the horrific abuse that she endured. Lord Roger is a cruel, cold, and heartless man that deserved to receive the same treatment that he dished out so easily to others. Larkin was kind, sweet, and patient and easy to find yourself drawn to. Wild Lavender is a historical romance that is packed full of action, suspense, mystery, intrigue, murder, and romance. A must read!

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