The Veil of Corruption (The Virus of Beauty Book 2) by C.B. Lyall Review by Tara Johnson Barnes

The Veil of Corruption (The Virus of Beauty #2)The Veil of Corruption by C.B. Lyall
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Book two in the Virus of Beauty series continues the story from the first book and centers on teen wizard Wilf. In Book One we learned about Wilf who has no interest in magic and all he truly wants to do is play soccer. However, life has other plans for him, and he now finds himself caught in the middle of a long-held dispute between the witches and the wizards. The ongoing dispute has somehow destabilized the Magical Realm and it is up to Wilf to find the antidote for the Virus of Beauty that many of the witches have been plagued with before it is too late.

When Wilf’s stepsister, Myra, disappears it is left up to Wilf to find her and bring her to justice. In his quest to find her the defensive barrier known as the Veil between the witch and wizard cities becomes corrupted and Wilf is blamed. The corruption of the Veil allows the virus to spread and affects both wizards and witches throughout the magical realm. When evil strikes and his witch friend, Katryna, is kidnapped Wilf will do anything to save her even if it means that he risks his own life in doing so. He is the only one that holds the key to saving both his friend and the Magical Realm from certain disaster.

Book Two in the Virus of Beauty Series did not disappoint. The reader is transported to places all over the world as the wizards and witches fight to stabilize the magical realm before it destroys them all. Our teen wizard Wilf has to really step into his role as wizard because this unlikely hero is the only one who can save them. Wilf must put aside his thoughts and feelings on what his perception of a normal life may be and embrace his wizard side while fighting evil head on. Wilf really discovers who he is and what he is capable of as he becomes stronger as both a person and a wizard. It was interesting to read how his relationship with Katryna unfolded and how her family slowly came to terms with it.

This book has everything a YA reader can hope for in one place. Magic, self-discovery, adventure, suspense, unlikely heroes, family drama, young romance, and even some witty banter. It held my attention and kept me reading until the end. The overall most intriguing part of the story for me, since Book One, has been what the witches perceive as beauty in their realm. For them to catch a virus that makes them beautiful by our society standards is horrifying. In their realm ‘beauty’ is defined entirely different and for the witches you are ‘beautiful’ if you have warts, hairy chins, and large noses. It truly goes to show how perception can change everything and what one sees as normal, or beautiful, is not necessarily the same way another person may view it. Fascinating concept! I highly recommend!

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