The Silent Road by S.N. McKibben – Review by Jamie Burns

“There are two truths in life. One road leaves to where you want to go… Two all roads circle back to oneself, even if that person in the mirror is not recognizable from when the journey began.”

Dan’s life is at the point that he doesn’t know which way is up and he feels like a failure. Dan is a truck driver that just got saddled with a partner, Jake who follows every rule to a “T” when it comes to driving. Can Dan stand the strict rules that Jake insist on following? Will there time on the road bring them closer together or drive them crazy?

This is not typically a book that I would read. I didn’t realize exactly how the story line would unfold in the relationship between Jake and Dan. I will admit that there were scenes that I skimmed more than read. Overall the book was a good read with challenges faced by both Jake and Dan. There was quiet a bit of road blocks and challenges, but together they were able to overcome them.

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