White Picket Fences by Kyle Ann Robertson – Review by Angela Hayes

White Picket FencesWhite Picket Fences by Kyle Ann Robertson
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3.5 Stars


White Picket Fences is a poignant women’s fiction story by Kyle Ann Robertson. This family drama is an emotion infused story of motherhood and marriage and is a family portrait of love, loss, guilt, challenges, complexities, self-examination, family dynamics, self-discovery, and more.
Julie Cahill’s transient childhood left her yearning for stability and a place to call home that came with permanent roots. Now with a family of her own, Julie ensures her children to have the experiences she never did. So intent on keeping her dream of home, family, and belonging blossoming that Julie begins to lose herself in the process. Then feelings of guilt cause her to hold on so tightly, that she inadvertently causes a discordant spiral to ripple through her family. Her dreams begin to crumble, and what happens makes for a relatable and heartfelt read.
Looking forward to exploring more of Ms. Robertson’s works in the future.
Happy Reading…

Thank you, Kyle Ann Robertson!


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