Consigliere’s Revenge (Sicilian Gods Book 3) by Via Mari – Review by Dr. Anya Schultz

Consigliere's Revenge (Sicilian Gods Book 3)Consigliere’s Revenge by Via Mari
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I just love these dark mafia romances by this author. In this particular book, we get insight into the Lurussio’s family’s consigliere, Lorenzo. He is a dark, private, intense man, but on the inside, he is more caring then he lets on, but only for Isabella. Isabella is a reporter that is trying to secretly get the scoop on the mafia families of Vegas. However, Lorenzo, as consigliere, he knows all and calls her out when caught in one of their private clubs. The chemistry between the two is instant. In addition, they are both familiar with circumstances because Isabella’s father use to work for the family. Because of the attraction and her father, the Lurussio family offers her a deal to be their reporter and write the stories they want to be published. Isabella takes the job because, well does she really have a choice? It definitely starts as a love-hate relationship that quickly advances to love-love. However, being someone who is trying to spill the family’s secrets, will need to try really hard to gain her trust, but she needs it from him too, the lady’s man. Can the two of them find common ground to do what is best for all families involved? Can they learn to trust each other, even when love is clearly present?
As all the other books in this series, it was a great, quick, sexy read. The author has a great way of just getting to the point – I am not a slow-burn lover and this author never keeps you waiting. Both characters were quite loveable and you can see the growth of love they both portray for each other. I also love that you can see the trust unfold through the story on both sides – it just makes the love story seem more believable. I am not sure if this is the end of the series it seemed like yes, but I know there are more characters that can become important pieces for the family so I hope to continue to read more on the Lurussio family.

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