Lap Baby by Amy Q. Barker – Review by Angela Hayes

Lap Baby: Emotional Women's FictionLap Baby: Emotional Women’s Fiction by Amy Q. Barker
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4.5 Stars


Lap Baby by Amy Q. Barker is an emotional women’s fiction story, and the first book that I have read by her. The title grabbed my attention as soon as I saw it, and when I read the blurb I became intrigued by the promise of a touching story- so much so that I found myself putting aside the book I had been reading to leap into this emotional tale.
I found Ms. Barkers writing to be captivating, warm, and inviting- while also tugging on my heartstrings and giving me all the feels. Her characters are really well-developed with their own unique personalities, quirks, and flaws. The whole ‘lap baby’ aspect of the story added an extra element of interest, and angsty emotion- and proved to be quite thought-provoking as well.
We meet Paige, Marie, Terry, and Marie who all survived a horrific plane crash. This tragic event has made a massive impact on each of them, and we follow as they navigate their lives and deal with the issues the crash has caused- such as survivor’s guilt, heartache, trauma, grief, and self-doubts. But this story isn’t doomy and gloomy- it has some real heart-warming and inspirational moments- making this a very memorable read for me.
I am definitely looking forward to reading more of Ms. Barkers work in the future.
Happy Reading…

Thank you, Amy Q. Barker!


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