Three Women in November by Jim Shomos – Review by Jenni Bishop

Three Women in NovemberThree Women in November by Jim Shomos
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

My favourite quote from the book. “Don’t go alpha-male-diva on me.”
Three Women in November is a wonderful romantic tale based on a true story. It is a very emotional and funny read and yet it is very confronting as everything is put on the line for the name of love. Jim is a brave man to turn his life into a story.
I loved that the story was set in Australia. It made it seem more real as it’s easy to visualise the places.
It is a unique and raw look into one man Leo and three very successful women on a search for love. It was interesting to read as it was told in the male perspective. The characters are real, complex, have heaps of baggage and make plenty of mistakes.
The challenge, the pain, the joy, the drama and the humour as we follow along on this journey.
Leo is a man who knows what he wants. He knows the world would not give him anything but a soul mate. Unfortunately, life is not that simplistic. The road to love is not paved with gold.
I look forward to Leo’s next romantic adventure in, Kissing Scars.

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