Smooth Hoperator (Love on Tap Book 2) by Sylvie Stewart – Review by Angela Shirley

Smooth Hoperator (Love on Tap, #2)Smooth Hoperator by Sylvie Stewart
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Carter had a successful career in politics mapped out for him ever since High School and his first debate, but over the past year he has slowly become disillusion with the whole thing on Capitol Hill. When he discovers his mentor may have sold herself out for money and while trying to understand the dilemma he is in, he overhears a conversation that turns his whole world upside down and has him leaving DC and returning home to hide.

Once at home, he picks up his job with his brother in the Brewery as Brew master all while trying to investigate into what he overheard, but as this is becoming more and more dangerous he needs to be more careful, but researching at the library is becoming more difficult but when the Librarian decides to make him her pet project things are going to turn out ugly and dangerous.

Sunshine has always wanted to be a Librarian, she loves the facts and knowledge that is uncovered under her walls and when she spots a homeless man coming in every couple of weeks, she takes it upon herself to help him with what ever addiction he has, but as time goes on Sunny is drawn into a world of espionage, cover ups and danger, can she survive a) the bad guys and b) the attraction of the stranger in the Library.

Can Carter keep Sunny safe and his family, all while exposing the corruption on Capitol Hill.

Oh my, I love, love, love this author and this story is no different. This is a stand alone story regarding Carter and Sunny and is part of the Love on Tap Series. Carter in the first book was the brooding brother who sneaked around the brewery and not really interacting with anyone, so reading him in this book was a great insight into him as a person. Sunny was just the most brilliant sidekick to him with her optimistic outlook on life against the grey and pessimistic world of Carter where brilliant to read.

I can also appreciate the quirky characters as in Duke, Sunny’s grandfather and Knuckles the spy were hilarious to read and brought a light hearted feel to the story. As always Miller’s antics brought a smile and overall I loved all the secondary characters which just embrace the story and make it what it is.

There are some many questions which I hope are answered in the next books, like does Miller find out who’s following him? Does Gina and Duke have a thing going on? and what’s Lynne up to at college as there has to be a story there.

Thank you for the enjoyment and entertainment of all your stories and look forward to reading the next book and books lol.

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