Nessie and the Viking Gold (Nessie’s Grotto) by Lois Wickstrom and Jean Lorrah – Review by Tara Johnson Barnes

Nessie and the Viking Gold (Nessie's Grotto)Nessie and the Viking Gold by Lois June Wickstrom
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Nessie and the Viking Gold is a children’s chapter book for kids between the ages of 7-12 years of age. It is Book Two in the Nessie’s Grotto Series and continues with the adventures of Craig and Linda who have returned to Loch Ness. On their last visit Craig took some Viking gold coins that could be either blessed or cursed and might possibly be the only way to return to Nessie’s Grotto. Nessie shows Craig and Linda the damage being done to her Grotto and how her children are in danger. Now the children must try to find a way to stop a concert about to be held by a popular singer at Urquhart Castle before it destroys Nessie’s Grotto. The children are in for an adventure full of fun, action, magic, Vikings, Mermaids, and magic. Along the way they will forge friendships and learn about making decisions. A fun read with beautiful illustrations that really bring the story to life.

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