Defined (The Cadence Duet Book Two) AUDIO BOOK by Dakota Willink – Review by Katie Matthews

Defined (The Cadence Duet Book Two) AUDIO BOOK

By Dakota Willink

4 Stars


After listening to book 1 in this series I was really excited to find out what was going to happen to Cadence and Fitz. This followed on from book 1 albeit 17 years later. I would highly recommend listening to book 1 first to fully understand the dynamics of this couple’s relationship. I’m not 100% sure I liked this book as much as book 1 but it was still a really enjoyable listen, some great twists and turns in the story too. The narrators again were excellent and really brought the story to life. They still kept tup that connection between the two characters and made it feel real and genuine.

I really enjoyed listening to this duet and I would absolutely recommend it.


Defined (The Cadence Duet Book Two) AUDIO BOOK by Dakota Willink – Review by Heidi Schoolman

This is the 2nd book in the Cadence Duet series.  This is an audio book and is just over 8 hours listening time.  This story follows Cadence and Fitz.  Their story began almost two decades ago, and it was one where Cadence was left holding her broken heart.  Figures they would run into each other.  Cadence runs a nonprofit and Fitz is the CEO of a firm that represents the politicians who fight against everything she does.  How on earth could a relationship survive this?  Would Fitz be able wriggle out from under his father’s thumb for a second chance?

Defined (The Cadence Duet Book Two) AUDIO BOOK by Dakota Willink – Review by S. Bittles

Defined (Cadence Duet: A Second Chance Romance Book 2)Defined by Dakota Willink
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is Book 2 in the Cadence Defined series, a novel about a second chance love story which picks up 17 years after the first book ends. Although there is a large time gap between novels, Willink maintains her characters personalities throughout their developing timelines.

I listened to the audio book and both narrators did an awesome job; great chemistry and performance! Having two narrators helped to keep events and conversations separated, as without words to follow it can get mixed up in your mind.

Willink has created a great developing plot, which is easy to follow if you haven’t read/listened to Book 1. Reading Book 1 will give you more insight to the characters past and how they were as young adults.

Be prepared that there are firm political views that arise, which were hard not to skip, but other than that Willink has delivered yet again!

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Defined (The Cadence Duet Book Two) AUDIO BOOK by Dakota Willink – Review by Kerry Baker

Cadence Defined Audio Book by Dakota Willink is the second book in the Cadence Duet. This book picks up 17 years after the events in book one and really does need to be read in order.

I enjoyed how well the author transitioned the characters from young adults into grown people which complex lives and needs. When I started this book it was easy to keep the two separate. It took no time at all to be drawn back into Cadence and Fitz. Their journey was still anything but easy and to see how everything had played out so far was great.

I loved how easy it was for the characters to connect again. That bond was so strong.

I have really enjoyed everything about this duet. It was well written and emotional. The characters were engaging and had a depth to them that you don’t always see.

This is a brilliant series that I would highly recommend.

Defined (The Cadence Duet Book Two) AUDIO BOOK by Dakota Willink – Review by Sunday Barnaby

Cadence Defined by Dakota Willink 

Narrated by Lacy Laurel and Zachary Webber

Five Stars


Cadence Defined is the second book in the Cadence Duet by Dakota Willink. These books need to be listened to in order, and they are both hot listening. This is true love with twists and turns. I like that the books were 17 years apart and the growth of the characters was amazing. This author is definitely a one click for me and I look forward to whatever is coming next.

Lacy Laurel and Zachary Webber did an excellent job with both books in this diet. They really brought the characters to life. I will also be watching for these two narrators in my upcoming audible listening pleasure.


Review by @sunbarn

Defined (The Cadence Duet Book Two) AUDIO BOOK by Dakota Willink – Review by Shelly Kittell

Cadence Defined Audiobook By Dakota Willink cover artCadence and Fitz were summer loves. Unfortunately he had other plans that didn’t inclue Cadence. He left her with a beautiful baby girl that he knows nothing about. With the help of her parents, Cadence has worked hard to raise her as a single mother and is now runner her own agency. Fitz is running a PR agency in DC and his father is still trying to run his life. Fitz is still pining for Cadence and has been for 17 years. He did marry in an arranged marriage. The only thing good to come out of it wa shis son Austin. You can only imagine the panic when Callie’s date to prom is Austin. Oh the drama kicks in. Cadence picks up on the resemblance then runs into Fitz and here comes trouble. His father’s threating him to run for the Senate to he get what he wants. What kind of person threatens a grandchild? I love the drama and conflict. I felt like I was listening toa poor version of Dynasty. Cadence is a very strong woman and her spirit is strong and fierce. I do wish it had been an ensemble read as some of the narration was a little lackluster. I would still highly recommend.

5 stars!

Defined (The Cadence Duet Book Two) AUDIO BOOK by Dakota Willink – Review by Robin Rankin

Cadence Defined: Cadence Duet,  Book 2 by Dakota Willink

I was dying to get this second book and listen to it and was so not disappointed in the story or narration of this book.

I love Cadence and Fitz so much and was curious to find out how they were going to find their way back to one another and wasn’t disappointed one bit.

Both Zachary Webber and Lacy Laurel did a great job of pulling me in once again into Cadence and Fitz’s lives and I enjoyed every second.

There are some surprises that I wasn’t expecting and think I may have gasped out loud when things were revealed.

Loved this book!

Defined (The Cadence Duet Book Two) AUDIO BOOK by Dakota Willink – Review by Lorralei Hoerner

I loved this story!! This book is the continuation of Cadence and Fitz and picks up where book 1 ended. Years later… you find out how each of their stories played out after being apart since their one summer together 17 years ago. You learn what happened to Fitz and his journey of what his father had in store for him. Also learning what happened to Cadence, her parents and Camp Riley. Everything comes in full circle when Cadence and Fitz bump into each other again. There where secrets revealed and some bumps along the way….and a few jaw dropping moments for me. Will love prevail!? Listen and see….Please listen to book 1 first then definitely continue the story with this book 2. It is truly fantastic!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Defined (The Cadence Duet Book Two) AUDIO BOOK by Dakota Willink – Review by Deb Robinson

Defined (Cadence Duet: A Second Chance Romance Book 2)Defined by Dakota Willink
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Fitz and Cadence together again, I could not be happier to read part 2 of their story. Dakota Willink has hit this one out of the park. The reuniting of Fitz and Cadence is filled with so much turmoil. This story takes place 17 years after the first part. Cadence’s baby is all grown up and ends up going to prom with Fitz’s son. Fitz is still butting heads with his father and could end this reunion before it really gets going. I loved this duet. Both stories keep you guessing and if all will work out with a happy ending.

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Defined (The Cadence Duet Book 2) AUDIO BOOK by Dakota Willink – Review by Dr. Anya Schultz

This book gave me so many different feelings. It will make you feel love, sadness, worry, hope, and so much more. Cadence Defined is a book about a love that never faded, but was unattainable. Circumstances of politics created chaos and sadness until they found each other again. The story felt relatable and realistic, which made you yearn for a happy ending, in hopes that all of us can obtain our own happy endings. As an audiobook, I thought that the narrators were well picked. There were two narrators (one male and one female), each playing their part. One thing I wish would have occurred is that the male and female would have each played their part within each chapter, instead of the male or female playing both parts of the chapter they were narrating. But, otherwise, this was a great read!! 

Defined (The Cadence Duet Book Two) AUDIO BOOK by Dakota Willink – Review by Bobbi Wagner

This is my second audio in this series and I loved it just as much as the first.  This is an author I never hesitate to pick up, she is that awesome.  I enjoyed how the narrator brings the story to life using different tones of voice.  They keep me wanting to listen to more of it.  They make it fun to listen to and also entertaining.  This is a story about opposite attraction and how things once were may not be the same again.  Cadence’s story continues and we get to find out if she is willing to sacrifice her values for a man she has loved.  She is such a great character and brings so much to the story.  I highly recommend this audio

Defined (The Cadence Duet Book Two) AUDIO BOOK by Dakota Willink

~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ AUDIO BOOK SPOTLIGHT SHOWCASE ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~
Defined (The Cadence Duet Book Two) by Dakota Willink
Genre – Contemporary Romance, Second Chance Romance, Virgin Romance
Listening Length – 8 hours and 3 minutes
Narrated by: Zachary Webber, Lacy Laurel
From Amazon Bestselling Author, Dakota Willink, comes the second book in the Cadence duet—a second chance romance that will leave you breathless!
One love. One destiny. But it only takes one person to bring the house of cards tumbling down…
Seventeen years ago, Fitz Quinn stole my heart.
He took my innocence, then left me broken.
When a twist of fate brought us together again, I quickly learned even time couldn’t dim our chemistry.
Fitz was sexier than ever—successful and provocative.
He became the man I always knew he would be, and the heat between us quickly became unbearable.
Despite the promise I made to herself, the walls to my heart started to crumble.
Before I could stop it, I fell for him all over again.
But things are so much more complicated now.
Live are at stake.
I need to weigh my options and decide if sacrificing my values is worth being with the only man I have ever loved.
They call me Washington’s fixer.
Fixing the mistake I made with Cadence all those years ago should be simple.
Except it isn’t.
Things aren’t the same as they once were.
Cadence is the driving force behind a non-profit organization where she handles each case with the determination of a shark. I’m the CEO for a public relations firm—one that represents the politicians who fight against everything Cadence stands for. What do they say about opposites attract?
Cadence is hiding something—I know it.
Now we’re at a crossroad. I need to decide if going against my father is worth pursuing a second chance with her.
One wrong move and my reputation could be obliterated.


Dakota Willink is an Amazon Top 100 Bestselling Author. She loves writing about damaged heroes who fall in love with sassy and independent females. Her books are character-driven, emotional, and sexy, yet written with a flare that keeps them real. With six published titles, a magazine publication, and the Leave Me Breathless World under her belt, Dakota’s imagination is constantly spinning new ideas.

The Stone Series is Dakota’s first published book series. It has been recognized for various awards, including the Readers’ Favorite 2017 Gold Medal in Romance, and has since been translated into multiple languages internationally. The Cadence duet was a finalist in the HEAR Now Festival Independent Audiobook Awards. In addition, Dakota has written under the alternate pen name, Marie Christy. Under this name, she has written and published a children’s book for charity titled, And I Smile. Also writing as Marie Christy, she was a contributor to the Blunder Woman Productions project, Nevertheless We Persisted: Me Too, a 2019 Audie Award Finalist and Earphones Awards Winner. This project inspired Dakota to write The Sound of Silence, a dark romantic suspense novel.

Dakota often says she survived her first publishing with coffee and wine. She’s an unabashed Star Wars fanatic and still dreams of one day getting her letter from Hogwarts. She enjoys spending time with her super-supportive husband, her two witty teenagers, her spoiled rotten dogs, and her chubby cat. During the summer months, she can often be found taking pictures of random things or soaking up the sun on the Great Lakes with her family.

Author Interview With Dakota Willink