Defined (The Cadence Duet Book Two) AUDIO BOOK by Dakota Willink – Review by Kerry Baker

Cadence Defined Audio Book by Dakota Willink is the second book in the Cadence Duet. This book picks up 17 years after the events in book one and really does need to be read in order.

I enjoyed how well the author transitioned the characters from young adults into grown people which complex lives and needs. When I started this book it was easy to keep the two separate. It took no time at all to be drawn back into Cadence and Fitz. Their journey was still anything but easy and to see how everything had played out so far was great.

I loved how easy it was for the characters to connect again. That bond was so strong.

I have really enjoyed everything about this duet. It was well written and emotional. The characters were engaging and had a depth to them that you don’t always see.

This is a brilliant series that I would highly recommend.

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