Defined (The Cadence Duet Book Two) AUDIO BOOK by Dakota Willink – Review by Shelly Kittell

Cadence Defined Audiobook By Dakota Willink cover artCadence and Fitz were summer loves. Unfortunately he had other plans that didn’t inclue Cadence. He left her with a beautiful baby girl that he knows nothing about. With the help of her parents, Cadence has worked hard to raise her as a single mother and is now runner her own agency. Fitz is running a PR agency in DC and his father is still trying to run his life. Fitz is still pining for Cadence and has been for 17 years. He did marry in an arranged marriage. The only thing good to come out of it wa shis son Austin. You can only imagine the panic when Callie’s date to prom is Austin. Oh the drama kicks in. Cadence picks up on the resemblance then runs into Fitz and here comes trouble. His father’s threating him to run for the Senate to he get what he wants. What kind of person threatens a grandchild? I love the drama and conflict. I felt like I was listening toa poor version of Dynasty. Cadence is a very strong woman and her spirit is strong and fierce. I do wish it had been an ensemble read as some of the narration was a little lackluster. I would still highly recommend.

5 stars!

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