Love on the Mat (Powerhouse M.A. #2) by Winter Travers – Review by Jenni Bishop

Love on the Mat (Powerhouse M.A. #2)Love on the Mat by Winter Travers
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Love on the Mat is the second book in the Powerhouse M.A. series and it did not disappoint at all. I love the characters and the characteristics of all the men in this series. I love the comradery and friendship they all have with each other. They are charming gentlemen, sexy and protective. This book is about Tate Holten one of the owners of the Powerhouse Karate studio along with his three best mates, who is looking for more in his life. When he sets eyes on one such woman he finds that she may just be what he needs.

Hadley James doesn’t know how to be a mother but after her sister passed away she was left with guardianship of her nephew, Ryker and thrown in the deep end. Hadley is convinced she is the suckiest Aunt in the history of parental figures in the history of the world and as such she isn’t able to give him a good life. But what she has with him is great. The trust & love between the two is inspirational. Hadley had me laughing at her antics and sayings. When she met a man she wasn’t even looking for her life became more complicated. Or did it?

The relationship between these two was sexy and sweet, fun and flirty, sweaty and the sexual tension HOT. Add in the other characters and you are in for one funny, caring, supportive and did I mention HOT ride with a smidgen of sadness. Will Hadley give in to the charms of Tate? Will Hadley learn to let others in? Will Tate show Hadley what can be? Will Ryker feel the effects of his Aunts choices?

Love On The Mat and the rest of the series is a must read. The characters are like a family together and include and go out of their way to make others welcome without question. This is definitely one heartfelt story that you do not want to miss and flows on from the first book. I can’t wait to see what Winter comes up with for the next book in this series.

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