Bonded (A Twisted Hearts Love Story book 3) by Autumn Sand – Review by Jenni Bishop

Bonded (A Twisted Hearts Love Story book 3)Bonded by Autumn Sand
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Bonded Autumn Sand is the third book in her A Twisted Hearts Love Story series. I recommend you read the other two books in the series before this one so you get the back stories of the other characters even though it is a standalone. This story is one hot romance book with lots of suspense, action and drama. Autumn’s characters and the world she writes definitely take you on a ride that leaves you wanting more. There are twists and turns in this book that keeps you sitting on the edge of your seat. The main characters in this book of the series is Brenda and Magnum, who have both known horrors in the past and it is their pasts that they must break free of to look forward to the future.

Brenda is everything that Magnum needs and wants but his past is holding hi back, he doesn’t want her tainted with it. He doesn’t do relationships because he can’t let anyone close enough to see his secrets, see just how damaged he is. But what happens when they meet up again and her past is now closing in on her? Now that she is in danger he vows to protect her. She is his and he will let nothing come between him and his woman. Can he be the one to save her from her demons?

Brenda thought that she and Magnum had something but he pulled away. Now he is back and he won’t leave her alone but does she want him to leave her alone? She doesn’t do relationships because her past has left her damaged. With the anniversary of the horrific events of her past looming, things start to happen that seem to point to the past coming back to haunt her. Will Magnum save her from her past that is now haunting her?

Bonded is a fast paced story that is a page turner and will keep you on your toes and reading until the very end.

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