Breaking Away (Rocking Racers, #3) by Megan Lowe – Review by Jenni Bishop

Breaking Away (Rocking Racers, #3)Breaking Away by Megan Lowe
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Breaking Away is the third book in the Rocking Racers series by Megan Lowe and it is every bit as good as the first two, if not better. You could read this book as a standalone but I recommend reading the previous books so you get the back stories of these characters. I love this series and the world of the gorgeous Ryan’s that Megan has created. Megan manages to captivate you from the beginning and holds you ensured as you go along for the ride with these hot and steamy rocking racers!

Mav Ryan feels like he is missing something in his life, despite being successful and on top of his game on the FMX circuits. He has followed in the footsteps of his family for so long he needs to do something for him but how does he tell his family without disappointing them? Will they understand his need for something more or will they turn their backs on him? Will he find the one thing he is looking for?

Aubrey James has been burned in the past and has decided not to let anyone close but when her brothers new best friend shows up, she starts to find it difficult to stay away. But will her brothers mistakes cause problems with the one thing she can no longer live without?

Megan’s characters are full of life and love, personality and fire, friends and family, fun and laughter. You will fall in love with these characters and the twists and turns she has delivered in the book will leave you wanting more. Megan has written a uniquely beautiful romance story that is a must read. I can not wait for the next installment of the Ryan clan.

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