Under Ground (Under Ground #1) by Alice Rachel -Review by Sheri Schrader

Under Ground (Under Ground #1)Under Ground by Alice Rachel
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Under Ground by Alice Rachel is the first book in the Under Ground series. This is a cool dystopian book. The story is about Thia, a seventeen-year-old girl, promised in marriage to William. He is a cold and self-centered young man. Society is very social class based and controlled by men. Everything in life is controlled. Families are told how many children they can have, food is rationed as well as supplies. Marriage is a bargaining to hopefully improve the lives of the bride’s family.

The characters are interesting and well written. I really enjoyed the storyline and its development. I felt so bad for Thia and the decisions she is having to make. The situation of people is sad but relatable. When Chi is introduced to her life and she learns more about the world she lives in I was saddened by how sheltered people are in this society. As with many novels of this type, there are similarities to our current world that make the story more believable. I am going to be looking for more in this series and recommend it to anyone who likes an alt-reality story.

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