An Accident (Summer in New York, #2) by Lindsay Marie Miller – Review by Jana Teppih

An Accident (Summer in New York, #2)An Accident by Lindsay Marie Miller
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

An Accident is the second book in Lindsay Marie Miller’s Summer in New York series and what a great book it is! Yes, you could read it as a standalone but why should you if you have found such an amazing series and you would get so much more out of the story having had read the first book before diving into this one!
An Accident is the story of Amy and Austin. Amy is a young woman who is hoping to open her own gallery once graduating from the NYU; Austin is a country boy from Missouri who is set to make a career in the culinary world. We are along on a ride that takes them from an innocent flirtation to a passionate love affair with everything imaginable in between and beyond!
I love the unique writing style that the writer has, it brings the story alive in front of your eyes and you feel as if you are there, with them! I also absolutely love series as I am dying for a glimpse into the lives of the previous books’ characters (no different here!).
I invite you to come on a journey with Amy and Austin, to find out how they will deal with the reality and their background … will their infatuation blossom into a strong love or will it crumble when facing obstacles … You will enjoy the hours you will spend with them and other secondary characters (that you love or hate … be ready for anything!) and will be left craving for more!

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