Starburner (Moonburner Cycle Series Book #3) by Claire Luana – Review by Angela Hayes

Starburner (Moonburner Cycle, #3)Starburner by Claire Luana
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Starburner is the third and final book in the Moonburner Cycle series by Claire Luana. What a superb series this has been, and this story was a fitting ending to what has become one of my favourite series, ever!
Starburner is a spellbinding, action packed fantasy that has magic, and a real heart and soul woven through the storyline. Ms. Luana has demonstrated her masterful world building talents by creating a unique, fascinating and believable world in which her story is set. As I said right from the beginning, the story/series seems to have a Japanese cultural influence and feel to it – in the names of people and places, and the addition of some Japanese folklore, and mythical creatures added an intrigue and mysteriousness to the book/series. Ms. Luana’s imaginative and wonderfully written story is quite textured and complex- with so many layers, all beautifully interwoven and stitched together seamlessly.
This book has the ‘flavour’ of the other books, but I felt that it had a slightly darker tone to it- which added to the intrigue, in my eyes.
The characters are unique, interesting, well thought out and fully developed. They were so enchanting, the whole cast of characters bought a real depth and added appeal to the story. I loved meeting new characters, as well as catching up with some old favourites. I loved how Ms. Luana made the stories ‘connect’- it’s very clever of her.
While I am sad to leave this series and ‘world’ behind, I am incredibly excited to see what Ms. Luana does next- because if this series is anything to go by, it’s going to be brilliant! But with any great series, I am sure to revisit this one time and again- because great stories never fade away!

Kudos!!…. and Thank you, Ms. Luana!


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