Lost in Seattle (Miss Apple Pants Series Book #1) by Charlotte Roth – Review by Angela Hayes

Lost in Seattle: Miss Apple Pants (#1)Lost in Seattle: Miss Apple Pants by Charlotte Roth
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Lost in Seattle is the first book in the Miss Apple Pants series by Charlotte Roth. This is a really great young adult story, a coming of age, with humour, friendship, emotion, drama, mystery, quirky and memorable characters, and more.
This story is complex and multi-layered, with two interesting and clever stories woven into a witty, heart-warming and fun read. We meet Ella who has had her life turned upside down when her family treks across the country to move to Seattle right in her senior year at High School. She is scared, a little lost and feels very alone in all this. But when a box of old love letters is discovered, and they begin to read them- an intriguing story starts to form as each letter is explored and she can’t help feeling a connection to Martha and Fredrick, and their story.
Some new friends bring some humour and zaniness- and added another element of interest to this already charming read. But, then Ella has to make a life changing decision which twists this story and adds a little drama.
Overall this is a heart-warming and very enjoyable read. Not that I would expect anything less from this talented author.
Well done!

Thank you, Ms. Roth!

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