The Twins (The Twins Series Books #1-3 Box Set) by R.G Miller – Review by Angela Hayes

The Twins (The Twins #1-3)The Twins by R.G. Miller
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This series is an adrenaline-fueled, fast-paced, thrilling ride from the first page right through till the last word. The book/series contains a shocking, fascinating, dark, and powerful storyline/s that will make you feel like you are sitting on a knifes edge while reading them. What a great introduction to Mr. Miller’s work- three books in one. If you like a fantastic psychological thriller- then this is the book/series for you.

The series contains the following books-
4 Stars
The Twins is the first book in a series of psychological thrillers, and debut novel by R.G Miller. The story takes us on a journey of innocence lost and cracks open a window onto the minds of two young serial killers.
The book opens on two young girls, Jannifer and Stacey McHill- excitedly preparing for their thirteenth birthday with their beloved parents and friends. Their party was the stuff that little girl’s dreams are made of, a perfect, magical day- or so they thought. After preparing for bed that night, two home invaders turn their perfect world upside down- bringing unmentionable horrors into their once idyllic lives.
Their parents are bound and tortured for hours, eventually succumbing to the trauma and injury inflicted on them. The twins are also tortured and subjected to unbelievably gruesome violence, but somehow manage to survive the ordeal.
In an almost catatonic state they are admitted to a psychiatric hospital under the care of Dr. Susan Patterson, a specialist in Abnormal Psychology. They remain at the hospital, in her care for the next three years- until their maternal Aunt Jackie, ignores the Doctors advice and takes them to Harlem to live with her.
On the girls sixteenth birthday, a mutilated body is found on a rooftop in Harlem and the days that follow only bring more deaths- the killings shocking even the most hardened officers of the NYPD.
It is up to Detective Iris Williams and her new partner Andrew Taylor, to investigate the murders, hunt the serial killers and try to bring them to justice before they can kill again. But these two young girls are more clever, dangerous and elusive than expected- bringing the hunt to Detective Williams own doorstep. Can Detectives Williams and Taylor find The Twins before they can kill again, or is it too late? Will the Twins escape?
This book had an exciting, gripping, dark and thrilling synopsis- I avidly read every word of this intense story. And although I did enjoy the overall story, I felt that the author didn’t build enough suspense or tension in the story. Don’t get me wrong; I was interested and entertained- but with the anticipation and promise of a spine chilling, twisted and heart pounding read- I felt a little let down when it failed to deliver on the potential.
The author writes really well and has obviously done a lot of research on anatomy, CSI procedures and police investigative procedures, as well as psychiatric conditions. The scene setting was intricately detailed in some areas, but in others they were skirted over or barely got a mention- which gave some portions of the book a rushed and slightly lurching feel.
The author also explores a lot of other topics in the book from PTSD, sexuality, addiction, grief and vengeance; to erotic placidity, anger management and Excited Delirium; just to name a few. There seems to be nothing off limits or too taboo. The author had the potential to take this story into the literary stratosphere- but again, the promise was there, but it just didn’t quite make it.
I do congratulate Mr. Miller for an entertaining and intriguing debut novel. I really did enjoy the story- I just wanted more.

5 Stars
Stacey: The Twin is the second book in the trilogy ‘The Twins’ by R.G Miller – it is a gripping psychological thriller that is extremely intense, dark and disturbing.
This instalment of the story begins a few weeks after the last book left off- where the citizens of New York were held in the grip of terror, as two of the youngest serial killers the world has ever known, went on a sadistic killing spree across the city- triggering the biggest manhunt in the city’s history.
Detective Iris Williams, the lead investigator on the case, had used every resource at her disposal to try and apprehend Jannifer and Stacey McHill. But the two young girls proved to be more dangerous, cunning, and elusive than anticipated- leaving a trail of gruesome murders in their wake. Even their psychologist Dr. Susan Patterson is at a loss as to what the two may do next; advising Detective Williams that “If you have to kill one, kill the other also.”
After finally tracking down the pair, Iris and her partner Annette end up in a bloody and nightmarish confrontation with the twins- Iris is forced to shoot Jannifer McHill, which results in her death. Stacey McHill is apprehended and locked up in a facility for the criminally insane. Iris couldn’t bring herself the shoot Stacey as well and hopes that this decision won’t come back to haunt her.
Now, there is a new threat prowling the streets of Harlem, in the form of a sadistic rapist and murderer who is targeting middle aged women. Fear begins to grip the city once more and Iris and Annette are assigned the investigation- tasked with solving the case as quickly as possible, before any more lives are lost.
As they are in the midst of this investigation, an electrical blackout provides Stacey McHill with the perfect opportunity to escape and so once more she is out in the city somewhere, bristling with anger and hell bent on revenge for her sister’s death. Dt. Williams, Dt. Toni and the rest of their precinct are all targets, and Stacey will do whatever it takes to wreak her vengeance on them all.
Iris and Annette now have two psychotic killers loose in the city and must use all their experience, training, skills, grit and determination to track them down and get them off the streets. With the body counts mounting and their investigation being thwarted at every turn by the cunning and resourceful killers, the chase begins to erode Iris and Annette’s confidence and has them on the back foot. Will the detectives be able to solve both cases before more lives are lost?
As the lines are blurred between being the hunter and the hunted, this story will fray every one of your nerves and leave you gasping, as you frantically devour the pages to try to discover what will happen next.
This book is much darker and more twisted than the first. The storyline and characters seemed to be more developed and we got a lot more information, backstory and details in this book.
It is fast paced, and it had me hanging onto my seat as I was thrown headlong into the thrilling story. There were moments where I was in shock and awe at the gruesome details that were depicted- there probably should be a warning at the beginning of the book- because some of the scenes are horrific, truly dark and entirely disturbing.
It ends on a cliff-hanger that had my mind reeling as to what would happen in the next book.
This book is even better than the first, Mr. Miller has really hit his stride with this instalment.

I. Williams: BOOK THREE
5 Stars
I. Williams is the riveting and hair-raising conclusion to The Twins trilogy by R.G Miller. If you haven’t read the other books yet, I recommend that you do before starting this one- as they introduce the main characters and lay down all of the backstory- which will make this reading experience even more enjoyable.
Ever since Stacey McHill escaped three months ago, Iris has been on stress leave from her job- her behaviour is erratic, she’s become paranoid, her anger management issues are worsening, she isn’t sleeping properly, has lost her appetite, has little regard for her personal appearance or hygiene, has stopped attending her psychologist appointments, is drinking- and slipping deeper and deeper into a depression.
Iris feels guilty and ashamed that Stacey slipped out of her clutches again and it’s almost more than she can bear. She feels like the laughing stock of the whole precinct and the embarrassment is driving her crazy. Her deterioration is affecting her relationship and Annette is really concerned about her what will become of their relationship.
You see, Iris though she had killed Stacey, by shooting her twice in the chest. But in her haste to get to Annette who had been injured, Isis made the rookie mistake of not checking to see that Stacey was in fact dead, nor did she hand cuff her. So, Stacey was able get away. That day plays over and over in Isis’ mind and her character was disintegrating under the effects of Stacey McHill’s cunningness.
Going back to work Iris and Annette are placed on desk duty, which further undermines Iris’ mental state. All her emotional turmoil was wreaking havoc on her ability to function and do her job properly.
But somehow Iris needs to find a way to keep it all together and muster all her strength as a new, sinister and quite baffling case begins. Babies are being snatched from all over the city, in broad daylight, and replaced with incredibly life like dolls. Who is taking the babies and why are they being taken?
When Stacey McHill re-emerges and ramps up her terror campaign, Iris will need to keep her wits about her if she has any chance of saving her colleagues and the one’s she loves from the teenage maniac, hell bent on destroying them all. Isis is determined to catch Stacey, even if she has to break all the laws in the book to do so. Can Isis finally put an end to Stacey’s reign of terror, or will Stacey once again prove to be a formidable and elusive opponent?
Once again Mr. Miller didn’t disappoint, he has hit this one out of the park. What a way to end a fantastic series. I was completely engrossed in this fast-paced story, I couldn’t put it down- I had to find out what happened, and I was rooting for Iris and Annette to finally win out over Stacey.
Mr. Miller pulled the whole series together and wrapped it up really well, with this story. I finally got the closure I was looking for.

This series is such a chilling read, and I loved every moment! I really am looking forward to seeing what Mr. Miller will offer us up next.

Thank you, Mr. Miller, for an intense, riveting and twisted ride.


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