Plot Twist (Romance in Rehoboth, #3) by K.L. Montgomery – Review by Denise Owens

Plot Twist (Romance in Rehoboth #3)Plot Twist by K.L. Montgomery
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Plot Twist is the third book in the Romance in Rehoboth series by K.L. Montgomery, and it is a contemporary romance novel. The story is about a woman who is 32 years old named Lindy Larson, who lives in Lewes, Delaware, and she is an English teacher at The Delmarva Academy. Lindy lives with her elderly parents, and takes care of them since they have medical issues and memory problems. Lindy decides to audition for a part in an original play called “Yo Ho Rehoboth”, written by local author, Claire Reilly, and her husband, Jack, who is a music teacher at The Delmarva Academy. The play is to open in 8 weeks. Since Lindy has the summer off and has nothing better to do, she decides to audition for the musical along with her friends Megan and Heather. Lindy loves Broadway shows and has a beautiful singing voice, but she is very insecure about her appearance since she is overweight and considers herself to be fat, uncoordinated, and unattractive. Lindy doesn’t expect to get any type of leading role because of her appearance, even though many people have complimented her on her amazing singing voice. Lindy ends up being cast in the chorus as do Heather and Megan, but she is extremely nervous about learning the choreography since she has always had a difficult time with dance. On the night of the cast introductions Lindy notices the quite handsome and very fit man named Meric, who is one of the male leads in the musical. But Lindy feels that someone who is so confident and good looking as Meric could never be interested in a fat, boring woman like her.

The story is also about a man who is recently divorced, whose name is Meric Chandler, who is 35 years old, and is an accountant. Meric’s ex-wife, Suzanne, and his ex-best friend, Bryan, (who was also his business partner in their accounting firm), were caught together in Suzanne and Meric’s bed by Meric, and Suzanne is now pregnant with Bryan’s child; as soon as the divorce was final, Suzanne and Bryan got married. Meric is not planning on having a romantic relationship any time soon, and he certainly isn’t going to have a backstage romance, especially since that’s the way he met his ex-wife, Suzanne. Meric is auditioning for one of the lead roles in “Yo Ho Rehoboth” since he is a great tenor, and has been in many community musical theater productions. Meric is good friends with Drew, the owner of the Delmarva Art Connection where the play will be performed, and where Meric has starred in other musicals. Meric ends up being cast as one of the male leads in the play, and on the night of the cast introductions he notices a pretty woman in the chorus named Lindy, but he also notices that she appears to be quite shy and that she gets embarrassed very easily. Will Meric and Lindy become friends by opening night, or will their mutual attraction for one another lead to a romantic relationship?

I really enjoyed this novel by K.L. Montgomery. I enjoyed the way she wrote the novel by letting Lindy and Meric tell the story in their alternating points of view. All of the characters are multi- dimensional and interesting, and even though this book is the third in a series, it can be read as a stand- alone book. I definitely would recommend this book if you love reading romance novels.

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